Within the framework of joint cooperation between scientific institutions, the dean of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Abdali, signed a twinning and joint cooperation agreement with the Higher Institute of Health in Maysan, represented by Prof. Dr. Hussein Fadel Mousa, director general of Maysan health, with the aim of upgrading the level of the two institutes and opening new horizons for cooperation between them.
During the signing of the agreement, the dean of the Institute stressed that this twinning will contribute to strengthening the scientific and technical process between the two parties in theoretical and practical aspects and will include all areas of conferences, scientific seminars, graduation projects, student training, scientific and sports activities and other fields.
The agreement was attended by the director of the Higher Institute of Health in Maysan, the dean’s assistants for scientific, student, administrative and financial affairs, and the heads of medical departments at the Institute.