Department of space technologies

Surveying Techniques Department

A brief history of the Department

The Department of surveying was established in 1979/1980 after it was a branch of the civil department, and it is considered one of the important scientific departments at the Technical Institute of architecture of the institution of technical institutes at that time. The space Department is closely connected in the field of engineering works in various fields of work.

At the beginning of its establishment, the Department relied on Arab and foreign teaching and technical staff, and few Iraqis, the department includes many classrooms, workshops and laboratories, the department started with one classroom (division) and then continued to graduate its courses until it reached its peak when the number of its people reached (4) division of the first stage and(3) divisions of the second stage, knowing that the cadre who manages the department is a purely Iraqi cadre with high experience in teaching and training.


The Department seeks to achieve a leading role in the fields of surveying, maps and geographic information systems to prepare specialized, trained and qualified cadres to meet the needs of the labor market locally, regionally and internationally. The department is moving towards expanding the base of technical education and its modern applications to be a leader in providing certified technical services in the spirit of competition and cooperation with the community.

The message

The Department of space adopts a general message based in its general form on the framework of technical education in Iraq, a message that is difficult to achieve every year to highlight the face of discrimination for the Department.

The special message includes the following: –

Graduation of engineering cadres with high professional skills and ethics.
Building an integrated leadership personality for graduates by teaching them leadership skills, problem solving methods, teamwork, commitment to quality and professional behavior.
Instill the spirit of acquiring knowledge in the student to serve the needs of society.
Contribute to the prosperity of the society by providing it with project ideas and by completing outstanding research through the formations affiliated to the University.
Take care of the outstanding and talented and invest their energies.
Educational guidance and consolidation of national identity.
Providing a working environment for students, faculty and other associates with a commitment to the high professional values of the campus with freedom of opinion, respect for other opinions and generosity in the exchange of information.

1-graduation of qualified cadres to carry out land surveying, imaging and remote sensing techniques. As well as the work of ribbing and leveling of natural and artificial features of the Earth’s surface using traditional and modern Cadastral devices (total station full Station devices) and global navigational and cadastral signature devices (GPS, (DGPS) and the ability to maintain and maintain various Cadastral devices. In addition, the preparation and drawing of topographic, Cadastral, real estate, objective, and detailed maps.

2-using Geographic Information Systems (GIs) in order to build a database and produce digital maps in various fields. As well as various Cadastral programs Civil 3D, ENVI and AutoCAD.

3-preparing qualified graduates to enroll in graduate programs inside and outside Iraq and work in specialized research centers.

4-carrying out applied scientific research within the field of competence of the Department for the purpose of solving engineering problems in society.

Graduate job description

Performing surveying works such as triangulation, ribbing and leveling for the purpose of installing horizontal and vertical ground adjustment points using surveying devices that include

Total Station, Theodolite, Level, DGPS))

Carrying out topographic and cadastral survey and projection works necessary for engineering projects and preparing general level and topographic survey maps.
Preparation of maps from aerial photographs and photographic data (air and space) using GIS software.
Designing and drawing maps according to Iraqi and international networking.
Preparing digital maps to collect, monitor, store, process, update and analyze data to produce results, display all information and extract thematic maps using the GIS system