The women’s affairs division, in cooperation with the legal and scientific divisions, organized an awareness workshop entitled ( Supporting the development of women and enhancing their self-esteem, self-competence and protection ) .
The workshop aims to demonstrate the importance of women’s self-development through believing in their abilities and working to develop these abilities in order to face society in a manner befitting a woman in terms of her personality and self-confidence to achieve results reflected on her work in community service and public utility in general.
The workshop, delivered by legal consultant Abdul Zahra zagir Khalaf, head of the legal division, and assistant teacher Elaf Abdul Rasul Sabri, included several topics, the most important of which was the statement of the concept of development for women and its importance, as well as the statement of modern development methods and how to reach them.
The workshop, which was attended by a number of the Institute’s affiliates, recommended that women should work on self-development to achieve their aspirations in society and also work on the importance of developing the mind to increase and increase their self-confidence to work to combat the negatives and replace them with positives.